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Weekly Vehicle Checks Recommended by Bolton Service Centre

With more than two thirds of cars failing their MOT test at the first attempt, there are some basic maintenance check that every driver can do?

It is all too easy to take the modern car for granted. Most of us simply unlock the door, climb in and when we turn the key or push the start button the engine fires up. Reliability is such that formerly essential supplies such as jump leads, WD40 and spare oil and screenwash have probably found their way into the garage instead of the boot, rendered obsolete.

Is our nonchalant attitude fully justified, though? Shockingly, according to the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency, 40 per cent of cars fail their MOT test at the first attempt - and for faults that can be easily checked by anyone, regardless of mechanical ability. Tyres, driver visibility and non-operational lights are the top three failure items.

To make matters worse, ignoring unusual noises and leaving out simple, but essential, checks can leave us with unwanted maintenance bills and even unsafe vehicles.

So here are our top checks to help you to safer, worry free motoring and don't forget if you are not sure how to do these checks call Bolton Tyre and Exhaust Service Centre and find out how we can help.


Checking your car's oil and fluid levels is easy; all the instructions are in your owner' manual.

When checking the engine oil level ensure that the car is parked on a level surface, preferably with the engine cold. The best time to do this is before you start up in the morning.


Each week check the coolant level in the expansion bottle, this is usually located close to the radiator (check your owner's manual for the location).





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